Special Effects With Brick Special Effects With Brick

Brick design can enhance every corner of a home and the property that surrounds it. Here are just a few ways you can bring the beauty of brick to your home - inside, outside, and all around.

The Inside Story

There are many aesthetic reasons to use brick on the interior of your home. It continues the image created by your home's exterior past the front door; its natural look blends with any decor, adding warmth to any room. But there are also two more excellent reasons to use brick inside - brick is durable and it requires no maintenance. Now that's beautiful.

Brick Fireplaces

As a naturally fire-resistant material, brick has been used for thousands of years in fireplace and fireplace hearth construction. Today, fireplaces are being added to more and more rooms in the home, in family rooms and living rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Whether the fireplace is designed to warm the heart or heat an entire house, brick is most often the material of choice. More eloquently than perhaps any other feature, a brick fireplace says home.

Exposed Brick Walls

While some brick walls began as fireplace hearths and expanded to cover the rest of the wall, other brick walls offer a beauty all their own. Floor to ceiling walls add warmth to a kitchen, coziness to a family room, elegance to a living room. And half-walls make areas appear larger than they are, dividing space without interrupting lines of sight.

Brick Floors

In entrance halls, family rooms and kitchens, brick floors add welcoming natural color, texture and pattern. Properly sealed, they are also easy to keep clean, and they never show wear.

Outside Possibilities

When your home is made of brick, the more brick you use throughout your property, the better. Brick features extend the image and the value of your home. It is easy to work with, permanent, and weatherproof. And because brick is made of clay - the earth itself - it is an ideal material to use in landscaping, blending perfectly with the tones and textures of nature.

Brick Walkways and Driveways

Brick makes a grand entrance, used on the walkways, driveway and steps, leading up to your front door. Or brick can form a subtle, natural path through your yard, linking patio and gardens. The brick can be used in a variety of patterns, either set in mortar or set on a sand base.

Brick Patios

Create an outdoor room with a patio or deck area constructed of brick. Brick pavers continue the richness of brick used on your home's exterior, whether it is worked in the same pattern or varied with a different pattern. Low brick walls surrounding the patio area can be designed as a base for planters.

Brick Barbecues

Everything tastes better when it's cooked on a grill. And grilling is at its best when it's done on a brick barbecue. Durable and attractive, a brick barbecue quickly becomes a patio's visual focal point - and the center of outdoor fun.

Brick Walls

With brick, even exciting wall detailing is easy to create. Use full-height walls to add privacy to your patio area or you entire property. Landscape with low walls to create planting areas, preserve terrain, or protect trees. Build free standing walls to highlight gardens. Or conceal unsightly features - such as air conditioning units or storage areas - by surrounding them with walls of decorative brick.

Brick Entrance Features

Brick can create an important sense of arrival, whether as columns announcing a single family home, or as signage identifying whole communities.

Brick Sculpture

The newest application for brick is actually one of the oldest. Brick sculpture has been around for 2,500 years. Now, it is becoming more popular than ever, appearing in homes throughout America. You'll find brick sculpture on the exterior of brick homes, on outdoor landscaping walls, and on interior walls and fireplaces. Some brick manufacturers also have in-stock brick sculptural features available for purchase, ready to be set into garden walls or home facades.

Brick sculpture offers all of the unique advantages of a brick. It conveys the same warmth, has the same maintenance-free durability, and has the same "touchable" texture as brick. And because it is made of the same material as the house, it becomes an intrinsic part of the home's architectural design. Today's brick sculptors know how to make the most of brick's elemental beauty, and are achieving exciting new effects by adding colors and even glazes.

Yet for all its appeal, brick sculpture is surprisingly affordable, particularly when compared with other forms of sculpture and original artwork. And it can be far more personal than any artwork purchased in a gallery. For a manageable fee, a brick sculptor can create a piece of sculpture customized to your home, your taste, and your family's personality. Brick sculpture can become a unique highlight of your home environment.

To find out more about brick sculpture and to learn the names of the sculptors who can bring the art of brick sculpture to your home, contact your local brick supplier.

Courtesy of the Brick Institute of America

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