Bridal Shower Favors to Make at Home

Bridal shower favors do not have to add extra expense to the event. Instead of buying costly gifts for your guests, you can make very unique favors yourself that will delight the guests. The fact that you have made them yourself will add to the event because the guests will see that you have taken extra time to make sure that everything is perfect. Before you start making any favors for the bridal shower, think about the guests that you have invited. Make sure to keep favors appropriate for all ages, so avoid things that are overly romantic or sexual. The idea is to give them something that they can take home as a memento of the party.


Candy always works well as bridal shower favors with all ages. The uniqueness comes in the way that you package them. One easy way to make these at home is to use Hershey kisses and tulle netting. Cut off a square of netting and wrap it around 2 or 2 Kisses. Secure the top of the tulle with a small amount of string and attach a little note that says, “A few small kisses from the future Mrs.” For a memorable touch, use tulle that is the same color as that of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Cookies or Muffins

If you like to bake, you have the perfect opportunity to show off your skills to the delight of everyone at the bridal shower. Some ideas for this type of bridal shower favors could be:

  • Shortbread cookies in the shape of wedding bells and frosted with a color from the theme of your wedding
  • Muffins decorated with candies
  • Chocolate melted and molded into paper muffin cups and decorated any way you wish


Make your own jam from local berries and pour it into small jars, one for each guest on your list. Cut out a small circle of fabric in the color of your choice and place it over the lid of the jar. Tie it around with ribbon and attach a small Thank you.

Crocheted Coasters

It takes very little time to crochet coasters that the guests can take home and use. You only need to buy 1 or 2 balls of crochet cotton in the color of your choice to make a set of four or six coasters for each one of your guests. You only have to use the center portion of any doily pattern to make a coaster. Press the coasters and tie them together with ribbon to make a neat little package.

Sachets of Potpourri

Scents associated with the color theme of your wedding would make very unique bridal shower favors. Research the essential oils associated with your colors and purchase the potpourri you need. Using squares of fabric wrap the potpourri in neat little bundles and tie it with ribbon at the top.

Refrigerator Magnets

Give each of your guests a magnet that will stick to the refrigerator and that contains a picture of you and your husband to be. You can purchase all the materials you need at a craft store: card stock, double sided tape and adhesive magnets. Cut the card stock in 2-inch squares. Cut the photo and use the double sided tape to affix it to the card stock. Now attach the magnet to the back and you have the favor complete.