Bride Hairstyles with Pieces and Accessories

a happy bride and groom at their wedding

Bride hairstyles that use pieces and accessories not only simplify the look of a bride and give more attention to the hair, but there may be little or no need to accessorize with jewelry. You also have more options to be creative when working without a veil, but that may increase your need to work with a professional hairstylist. Here are ideas to consider for your wedding day:

High Crown Hairstyle

A high crown hairstyle can work with a variety of pieces and accessories. The look consists of a voluminous bun on the crown on your hair, with the other half pulled up to meet the bun, or falling towards the shoulders. Some brides like to leave long hair bangs that you can pull to one side behind the ears. The look works great with a tiara, and it may your best option if you have shorter hair. You can also use a hair accessory attached to a comb that is clipped to the back of your hair.

Regal Updo

You can enjoy looking like royalty on your wedding day with a regal updo. The hair is sleek and shining looking as it culminates in a high bun. This hairstyle is the direct opposite of a loose bun, where the hair is not tightly pulled into a bun and it's a more relaxed look. Add a tiara to the bun to mimic the look of royalty.

Romantic Bride

The use of combs is popular among bride hairstyles that require accessories or pieces. An elegant look to try with a comb is the romantic bridal look. Instead of wearing your long and curly hair out, pin it up loosely with a comb about three-quarters down from the head. The look is similar to a loose bun, but the hairstyle emphasizes the curls. A vintage comb with lace or other accessory completes the hairdo.

Contemporary Bride Hairstyle

One alternative to any updo is to try contemporary bride hairstyles. One contemporary look consists of parting the hair on the side or in the middle, and wearing the hair straight down. The hair needs to look sleek to accomplish the contemporary look, and the hair piece or accessory can be displayed near the part in the hair. You can also place the accessory behind the ear toward the back of the head. You can vary this style by flipping up the tips of the hair, but you would be moving more toward a retro instead of a contemporary look.

Loose Curls

Opposite of the sleek contemporary look is the loose curls look. Wear your hair down, but instead of keeping it straight, keep it curly. This hairstyle works great with headbands, braided extensions and tiaras. The look works best with hair that is long enough to flow around the head. It does not work well with hair bangs.

You can practice all of these hairstyles on your own, but it may worth the expense to pay a professional for your wedding day. Remember, you'll be holding on to those photos of that day for a long time, and you'll have to look at your hair in all of them.