Bringing a Dorm Room to Life with Plants

Dorm rooms are often decorated in a basic utilitarian fashion, so the addition of a few plants can really add a welcome splash of color and personality. Plants come in so many different sizes, shapes and varieties that decorating with them is usually an easy task. Many varieties of plants are also very easy to care for, making them perfect for busy college students.

How to Choose the Perfect Plant

Since plants are living things, the growing needs of the plant are one of the primary considerations when choosing plants for a room. Take the level of light in the room into consideration choosing plants, and place them in locations within the room that will give them enough sunlight. Even rooms without windows can provide enough overhead light for some types of plants, so shop carefully and choose one or more that will thrive in the room. College students are often quite busy, so it can be best to avoid plants that need a lot of water or attention. Plants that require very little water might be a good choice, such as a cactus or snake plant. If you are choosing more than one plant, try using a variety of heights, creating an interesting plant grouping.

Good Room Locations for Plants

Plants can be placed almost anywhere in a room, depending on their size and light requirements. As a general rule, don't locate plants on a table that is directly over a heating vent, as this tends to make the soil dry out too quickly and the plant could become too hot. Placing a table by a window can make a good spot for a plant collection in a dorm room. Large plants such as rubber trees look great when placed in the corner of the room, and can be surrounded by several smaller plants as well, perhaps on a small end table. Choosing a place that has easy access to make it easy to water the plants is also a good idea.

Types of Plants

Bonsai trees are very interesting, and many of these varieties do not take a great deal of care to grow. Bonsai trees have a very trendy type of look that often appeals to college students. Vine plants are also interesting for a dorm room, due to their climbing nature. Plant one near a window, and let the vines grow up and around the window frame for an interesting effect. Some vine plants that are extremely easy to grow include philodendron and pothos, but there are many others to choose from. Herbs also make a nice plant to grow in the dorm room, especially fragrant ones such as mint or lavender. Some plants such as ferns and varieties of ivy require high levels of moisture or daily misting with water, which might be too much daily maintenance for the average college student. If there just isn't any time to care for plants, try adding a few silk plants to the room. These often look quite realistic, and can add a nice greenery touch to the room for those who are just too busy studying to care for a plant.