Broiler Toaster

Available from manufacturers including Black & Decker, Waring, Avanti, Sunpentown, Cuisinart and Sanyo, a broiler toaster combination unit is a multifunctional countertop appliance. Space saving, convenient and easy to use, broiler toasters have the ability to toast as many as 6 slices of bread at once as well as broil a variety of foods. Depending on the model and its features, they may be used for baking and convection baking too. Costing between $25 and $250 on average, broiler toasters come with numerous operational features designed for ease of use and cleaning.

Broiler Toaster Advantage

A great all-purpose countertop appliance, a broiler toaster does as much as several distinct appliances put together. Save space on the countertop with this single unit. Lightweight and stylish, broiler toasters make a great second oven, especially if the main oven is in use. Both the interior and exterior are easy to wipe down, and they cook faster than a full-sized range.


Broiler toasters commonly feature a nonstick, enamel-coated interior for easy cleaning. Features may include an electronic touchpad, digital clock, programmable timer, auto shutoff and a heat sensor for more precise temperature control. Convection units use a fan to circulate the heat for more efficient cooking. Exterior features often include nonslip feet, a stainless steel finish and tempered glass door for easy viewing of the progress of your food.