Fix Your Broken Garage Door Spring Fix Your Broken Garage Door Spring

If you have a broken garage door spring by following a few steps and taking some precautions, you can replace it yourself.

Types of Springs

Your garage door could have a torsion spring or side mounted spring. If it has a torsion spring, you will want to get a professional to look at it. There is a lot of pressure behind a torsion spring and if not handled properly, it could be deadly. While there is also some tension to a side mounted spring, you can replace one of these on your own.

Remove Broken Spring

Before removing the broken garage door spring, remove all tension in the springs. Open the door fully and then attach a C clamp to the track just below the wheel. This will ensure that when you release the springs, the door doesn't slam down, resulting in injury. You will also need to disconnect any safety cables.

One end of the spring is attached to a pulley while the other end is attached to the garage door track. To remove the spring, disconnect it from both the pulley and track.

Installing new Spring

Simply attach the new spring to the track and the pulley. If you don't remember how it attaches, look at the other spring for guidance. Once the new spring is attached and you've reconnected your safety cables, try the door out. If it closes too easily or is to hard to open and shut, you may need to made some adjustments to the tension.

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