Broken Screen: Repair Kit Basics Broken Screen: Repair Kit Basics

When you have screens in your home on windows or doors it is always a good idea to have a screen repair kit handy. Screens, unfortunately, have a tendency to rip or become loose. The screen repair kit will have all the things in it that you need in order to repair them. The following article will give you a quick list of the items that should be in your screen repair kit.

Stapler and Staples

Most screens on doors are fixed in place using nothing more than staples and a stapler. This makes them both an important tool in the screen repair kit.


You can also use scissors but snips are stronger and can easily cut through the screen. These are needed to remove damaged screen as well as trim excess.


If your screen is attached to a metal frame then a screwdriver will need to be used to loosen the screws holding the screen place. These can either be latches or screws.

Small Clamps

When pulling large pieces of screen you will need to pull it tight which means keeping it in place. The clamps are placed in the center to be used to keep the screen in place.


Extra screen material is used for small patches.

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