Broom Finish Broom Finish

A broom finish is the method of finishing fresh concrete by using a stiff bristled broom to create a slip resistant surface. Everyone has seen concrete workers using a broom to make the broom finish on a newly poured concrete sidewalk.

The broom finish should be done after the concrete has been leveled by the use of a strike board, and then further smoothed, by the use of a bull float, which is a wide metal piece attached with a pivot to a long handle. Some concrete finishers will hand trowel after bull floating for further smoothness.

The Broom Finish Should be Perpendicular to the Slope

The broom finish is designed for drainage as well as slip resistance. So if there is any slope to the surface, the broom finish should be made perpendicular to the slope. Brooms used in broom finish should generally be pulled toward you. There are a variety of brooms and techniques in doing a broom finish.

There is something of an art to it, and as well as a straight broom finish, waves and other decorative forms can also be used in a broom finish.






















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