Bedroom Decorating: Ideas for Designing a Space with Brown and Blue Accents Bedroom Decorating: Ideas for Designing a Space with Brown and Blue Accents

The bedroom is a private sanctuary in the home, and it should be a room that reflects personality and unique style. When searching for color ideas, consider a combination of various shades of brown and light aqua blue with white trim and woodwork. Too much color can be overwhelming in the bedroom, but subtle shades of aqua blue and various shades of brown makes a statement that is not too dramatic. Blue is soothing but not icy in small amounts, and brown in various levels of lighting takes on an ever-changing look that is highly impressive. White trim breaks up the all-brown scheme while appearing crisp and clean. Consider the following easy ideas for decorating a bedroom with brown and light aqua blue accents trimmed in white, and give your bedroom a stylish new look that you will absolutely love.

Make Brown the Core Color of the Bedroom

Before deciding brown is too dark and dreary for the bedroom, think again. When various shades of brown are paired with light aqua blue it is eye-catching and absolutely beautiful. Invest in a few sample bottles of moccasin, beige, and coffee colored latex paint, and paint a large sample board instead of relying on small paint chips readily available in stores. Paint the poster boards with preferred shades, and after the paint dries place the boards in various locations in the bedroom throughout the day and evening. You will notice a change in how the colors look, and you will be able to decide which shades match your personal preference and style.

In addition, consider painting one wall a darker shade of brown than the rest of the walls. This wall can become the focal point of the bedroom. You might even consider painting opposite walls the same darker color if the room is very large. This will help make it look and feel cozier than ever.

White Woodwork and Baseboard Trim

To break up the appearance of an all brown bedroom with aqua blue accents, consider painting the woodwork and trim a stark shade of white. It will look very sharp in contrast and it will frame the room with character. Consider installing white crown molding against a white ceiling to complete this stylish new look.

Select a Brown Bedspread with Light Aqua Blue Highlights

Once the paint has dried and the bedroom is ready for new bedding, look for solid brown bedding or a bedspread or comforter with brown and light aqua blue prints. Keep in mind that a solid brown comforter can be layered with a light aqua blue and brown quilt for a comfortable and inviting appearance. Almost any styles of bedding can be layered, and if you like the way it looks, you cannot make a mistake. Do not be afraid to try something completely new and different. 

Introduce More Color with Solid-Colored Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a must for any bed. They make even the most unassuming spread appear luxurious and inviting. When decorating a bedroom in a light aqua blue and brown scheme, look for throw pillows of various sizes and shapes in the colors that match the bedding and bedroom accents. Add texture with faux fur covered pillows, and add luxury with neck rolls and ultra-soft memory foam pillows. Throw pillows are available in countless styles, and they will make an ordinary bed look extraordinary.

Add Additional Texture and Pattern with Fabric Window Treatments

When searching for matching window treatments for a bedroom decorated in light aqua blue and brown, consider choosing light and airy sheers or solid panels. Select brown and light aqua blue cotton or sheer panels in coordinating colors, and hang them in alternating pairs. In addition, select valances of the same colors. Swag valances are an excellent choice, and they can be twisted and gracefully wrapped for a stunning and opulent new look. Sheer and solid cotton panels and valances can be purchased separately, and they provide the option for mixing and matching. 

Create a Focal Point with Wooden Wall Art

A bedroom is not complete without wall art, and wooden wall art is ideal in a brown bedroom with light aqua blue accents. Search for wooden wall art and you will discover wooden wall grilles and panels of various sizes and designs. A very dark brown wooden wall grille looks amazing on a light brown wall, and it is an excellent choice for a focal piece. Wooden wall grilles are available in many different price ranges, and they are affordable works of art that will stand the test of time.

Candle Wall Sconces for Ambience and Appeal

Do you want to add a touch of romantic ambience to the bedroom? Consider selecting a pair of beautiful candle wall sconces to mount on both sides of the focal piece. Mount a pair of candle sconces alongside of a chosen work of wooden or canvas wall art, and add light aqua blue votive candles to add just the right amount of color that will help draw attention to the other light aqua blue accent colors in the bedroom. The candlelight will add ambiance to the bedroom and enhance the decorating scheme. Soft amber light will flicker and shine across the focal piece in the bedroom while creating a romantic atmosphere.

Imagine your bedroom decked out in light aqua blue and rich brown accents. The color combination is stunning, and it will help transform any bedroom into an attractive showplace. Use the aforementioned ideas for inspiration, and add some of your own. You will love the combination of light aqua blue and brown, and it will look as impressive as blue and light aqua combinations found in some of the finest home decor magazines.

Article by Jessica Ackerman of Wall Decor and Home Accents - an upscale store specialized in metal artwork , large wall artwork , and wall candle sconces.

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