Selecting and Storing Paint Brushes

Using Each Paint Brush According to its Purpose

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There is no "Super, All-purpose, Do Everything" brush. You must match the right brush, or brushes, to the job at hand. First match the brush to the paint (natural bristle with oil base, synthetic filaments with either oil base or water base latex), then the brush to the project (large surfaces need wider brushes), and the brush to the surface (more durable filaments for rough surfaces). When in doubt, ask an expert: your paint dealer.

Not following these directions will result in ruined paintbrushes, sore muscles, and a paint job that is a disaster rather than an improvement. Hang your head and start over.

When a Brush Stands on its Painting Tip

After thorough cleaning, straighten bristles with a brush comb. Place the brush back in its keeper or wrap in paper. Next, hang the brush up or lay it on it side.

If your brush is not stored properly, it will "finger" or "twist." Your brush will also have tips that are curled and they will be rendered incapable of satisfactory performance. Plus, you'll be ashamed to show them in public.

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