Buckeye Tree Facts You Should Know

The buckeye tree is the state tree of Ohio, but it is also found throughout the Mississippi Valley, Nashville Basin and scattered throughout the South.  

Growing Facts


  • Buckeyes grow best in moist, rich soil with a variable Ph level.
  • Plant seed in autumn. Bury in loose soil about 3 inches deep.
  • Buckeyes prefer partially shady to partially sunny conditions. Before maturity, they especially prefer shade.
  • Water your buckeye about 1 inch per week, a little at a time, being careful not to over water.


Other Facts

  • The buckeye tree is of medium height, around 60 feet tall and 24 inches in diameter.
  • The buckeye tree has leaflets of five.
  • Buckeye flowers bloom in yellow, yellow-green or cream-colored clusters.
  • The buckeye tree is often confused with the horse chestnut. The horse chestnut has leaflets of seven and sticky buds.
  • Buckeye wood is lightweight, 28 pounds per cubic foot as compared to 75 per cubic foot for oak.
  • Artificial limbs have been made from buckeye wood in the past.
  • The bark, leaves and flowers have an unpleasant odor.
  • The scientific name is Aesculus glabra, and other nicknames are the Ohio buckeye, American buckeye and fetid buckeye.