Indoor Decorating Projects Under $1000 - Bedroom Indoor Decorating Projects Under $1000 - Bedroom

A bedroom is fun to decorate because you can completely change the look as often as you like. The bedroom is the room that brings out the personality of the person sleeping in it. It is the room where people go and unwind at the end of the day. It is the place where everyone retreats to for privacy.

Before proceeding to decorate or remodel a bedroom, the first thing you want to think about is who is the room intended for. If it's a guestroom, you want to make it cozy and pleasant. If it is for a child, you want it to be enjoyable and fun. The next step is to pick a color and theme. Make sure to pick a color or theme in which bedding, curtains and furniture will flow together.

Bed comforters and linens can enhance the look of a bedroom whether you want a romantic setting or a place of meditation. Bedding should change often to refresh a room's style. Bed comforters can be filled with down feathers, cotton, wool or silk, reflecting a style of warmth and comfort. Some comforters come in a set with matching linens. It is a good idea to buy extra bed covers that match with comforters.

Simply changing furniture around can make your room look different. Moving the bed towards the center of the wall or between windows gives the room a formal look. For a casual look, move the bed to one side of a wall or angle it at a corner. To keep balance in a room, move the dresser opposite to where your bed is facing. If you have a nightstand, design experts recommend keeping it next to your bed, to put away a book before sleeping, or to be able to grab a tissue in the middle of the night with ease.

If you are unsure where to start or don't know how to go about decorating any room, the best thing to do is to look through magazines for ideas. You can almost find anything at a home improvement store, design retail stores, or thrift stores for inexpensive fabric, furniture and accessories.

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