Build A Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

What You'll Need
Square plywood sheet measuring 33-inches on all sides
Sheet of 10 x 10 foot plywood
Yard Stick
Paint (choice of color is up to you)
Wood Stain
Large Paint Brush
1-inch Flat Paint Brush
Painters Tape
Table Saw
Electric Screwdriver
Clear Lacquer
Band Saw
Printed "X" and "O" templates

Building a grand-sized tic tac toe game board in the backyard is an inexpensive, simple project with fun results. There are several methods and designs that can be utilized to create this great outdoor game but we will be focusing on making a beautiful wooden version that can easily be stored when not in use.

Step 1: Preparing the Plywood

To make the best looking tic tac toe game board possible you will need to prepare the unfinished plywood to make it ready for the next steps. First, cut the large sheet of plywood in half using the band saw. Next, use the sander to create a smooth surface that is free of imperfections on the top, bottom, and all sides. Now, use the large paint brush and apply the stain generously to the plywood on all sides, top, and bottom (if you need to, apply a second coat after the first is dry). Next, when the two pieces are dry choose the side you want to play on and put the opposite side face up on your work surface pushing the pieces flush together and even. Now, measure 10 inches from the top and bottom making a mark with your pencil and then place the hinges in those two locations and screw them in.

Step 2: Making the Game Board

With the plywood prepped it's time to make the game board. First, place the game board face up in our work area. Next, use your yard stick to measure out 9 squares; each 11 inches square. Now, use your ruler and create 1/2-inch borders around each square and use your painters tape to frame the borders. Finally, use your paint and small flat brush to fill in the borders.

Step 3: The Game pieces

While the game board is drying start making the game pieces. First, place your "X" and "O" templates on the 10 foot by 10 foot plywood piece and trace five of each piece. Next, use the band saw to cut the pieces out of the plywood then remove the centers of the "O" pieces. Finally, sand the pieces down and either stain them or apply paint (use different colors for each set of pieces).

Step 4: Finishing the Game

Now that the board is done it's time to protect your hard work. First, set the board up right against a wall or sheet of paper. Next, use your spray lacquer and apply one coat evenly over the front of the board then to the back as well. Now, apply the same lacquer to the game pieces. Finally, apply a second and possibly a third coat of lacquer to board and pieces.