Build a Basement Bathroom on a Budget

Constructing a bathroom can seem like a daunting task, not the least because of the cost involved. With some research and forward planning, it can be relatively simple to build a basement bathroom on a budget.

Stick to the Plan

Creating a plan will make it much easier to stick to a budget; undertaking work and purchasing fixtures without a picture of the intended result will make it easier for costs to spiral. Planning what you want for your bathroom will lead to a list of everything needed and help to protect against surplus items being purchased or unnecessary work.

Plan according to the existing position of the amenities in the basement. For example, consider the location of the waste water pipe and the work it will take to link the fixtures to it. If building a basement bathroom from scratch, consider how close together you can comfortably put the fixtures to reduce the amount of pipe work needed.

If there is limited space in the basement, fixtures that are smaller than average can be an option. Several manufacturers produce baths and basins that fit into corners or are reduced in size. Also consider whether every aspect of a full bathroom is required. For example, a bathtub can be relinquished for the sake of a shower cubicle if there is already one on the property.

Keep It Basic

Bear in mind that basement bathrooms are not the main bathroom of a home. Basic fixtures are likely to be cheaper than the more ornate variety whilst still providing a wide range of choices. Keeping it basic will also make it easier to stick to the plan for the bathroom as basic fixtures tend to be more readily available, thus preventing additional cost or delays.

Shop Around

Whether or not you are hiring a contractor, you can shop for what you need once you have a plan in place. Do not purchase the first available item on the basis that it is what you need; note the cost and determine whether it can be obtained at a lesser cost elsewhere. Remember not to overlook sales, websites, and free listings to check whether you can find what you need for a low cost.

Get Quotes

Not only should you shop around for the items you need, you should also shop around for a contractor if you intend to use one. Many contractors will provide a quote free of charge so get several to compare them.