Build A BBQ Smoker: A Guide Build A BBQ Smoker: A Guide

To build a BBQ smoker, you need a heat source, a box, a grill and a pan. The following steps explain how to build an economical barbecue smoker.

Step 1: Select a cardboard box that has enough room to accommodate your pan and your grill.  

Step 2: Cover the insides of the box with aluminum foil and pierce two barbecue rods through the box, across two opposite sides at a height from the bottom of the box. Mount the grill on the rods. The foil prevents the heat from escaping the box.

Step 3: Place a single burner electric cooking surface or a hot plate at the bottom of the box ensuring that there is a sufficient gap between the plate and the walls of the box.

Step 4: Place a sturdy pan made up of steel or cast iron on the electric plate. Fill it up with wood chips that have soaked for at least 30 minutes before using them for the smoking.

Step 5: After your smoker is filled with dense smoke, place the meat to be barbecued on the grill and close the lids of the box.

The above steps assist you in building a simple, inexpensive BBQ smoker in no time!



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