How to Build a Bike Shed

A bike on a wood background.
What You'll Need
(4) 6-inch by 8-inch by 10-foot long pieces of lumber; all-weather
(1) 5-foot by 10-foot by 3/4-inch thick piece of plywood; all-weather
(1) 4-foot by 8-foot by 1/2-inch thick piece of plywood; all-weather
(7) 2-inch by 4-inch by 10-foot pieces of lumber; all-weather
Measuring tape
Sheets of tin
Carpenter ruler
Penny nails
Wood stain or paint
Sealant or other water-proofing materials

A bike shed can protect an avid cyclist's investment and give a place for you to store and work on dirty bikes. The steps that follow will show you how to build a simple bike shed that measures 5-feet by 10-feet.

Step 1 - Pick a Building Area

Pick an area that suits the size of the bike shed you are building. First, look for a patch of land that is level and sturdy. Next, clear the area of rocks and debris. If there is a bad slope, use brick or wood to make the area even.

Step 2 - Trimm the Wood

With the area prepared, you can begin cutting the wood for the project. First, leave two of the 6X8-inch pieces of lumber 10-feet long. Cut the others to 4-foot long pieces.

Step 3 - Frame the Shed

The floor will sit on the frame and it is easy to build. First, arrange the frame by placing two of the 4-feet long pieces of lumber you just cut between the two 10-foot pieces of lumber. Next, evenly space out the remaining 4-feet long pieces in the frame and between the other two, you have in place. Now, use the carpenter ruler to make sure the frame is even and forms a rectangle. Finally, nail the frame together using penny nails.

Step 4 - Add the Floor

Now that the frame is built, the bike shed will begin to take shape. First, place the 5X10-foot piece of plywood on top of the frame. Next, make sure the plywood lines up evenly with the frame. Finally, nail the plywood in place.

Step 5 - Create the Walls

The bike shed is open on one side for easy access so you only have three walls. First, decide which of the long sides of the shed will be used as your opening. Next, nail two 2X4-inch by 10-foot pieces of lumber to the frame on the short sides; flat sides down. Now, nail four 2X4-inch by 10-foot pieces of lumber to the back of the frame; flat sides down. Next, nail the remaining plywood sheets to the sides. Finally, nail the walls to each other in the corners.

Step 6 - Add a Tin Roof

The final step involves putting on a roof. First, trim the piece of tin to fit the dimensions of the bike shed with an inch overhang on all sides. Next, place the tin roof on top of the bike shed and make it as centered as possible with the opening getting a 2-inch overhang. Finally, nail the tin roof in place to finish the project.

At this point, you can add sealant and other water-proofing materials, then paint the bike shed or stain it.