Build A Bird Feeder In Four Steps Build A Bird Feeder In Four Steps

There are many ways to fashion a simple bird feeder out of items you may already have laying around the house. Bird feeders will attract all sorts of hungry and curious birds, bringing life to your garden.

Seedy Peanut Butter-Coated Corn on the Cob

This common type of feeder will last a long time and attract many different type of birds. It provides 3 food sources: traditional bird seed, peanut butter and corn kernels. The seed and peanut butter layers feed small Finches and Sparrows and the larger pieces of corn attract American Robins, Blue Jays and Northern Flickers.

Step One: Gather Materials

  • One dried piece of corn on the cob
  • Mixed wild birdseed
  • Peanut butter
  • String or thin rope

Step Two: Attach the String to the Corn on the Cob

Tie the string or thin rope around the thickest portion of the dried piece of corn on the cob. Fold and double up the remaining string to create a loop at the top of the corn. This loop will become the place on which the bird feeder will hang.

Step Three: Assemble the Remaining Items

Use a knife to spread a thick layer of peanut butter around the entirety of the dried corn. If you’re making several bird feeders, it can be fun to experiment with both chunky and smooth peanut butter. You will notice that different species of birds prefer the different types.

Next, roll the peanut butter-coated corn into the wild bird seed until you can no longer see the peanut butter layer. Since peanut butter might contaminate the seed bag, it helps to pour the bird seed onto a disposable paper plate before rolling the corn on the cob into it.

Step Four: Strategically Hang the Feeder

Decide which tree or bush would be best suited to house your new bird feeder. Try to strategically place it in a tree where you have already seen birds perched or nesting.

Hang your feeder in a way that allows the birds to perch on a tree branch while they eat. Make sure it does not hang too low to the ground as birds will be deterred by prowling cats that may be able to jump up and reach them.

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