Build A Cabinet Wine Rack In 11 Steps Build A Cabinet Wine Rack In 11 Steps

What You'll Need
A kitchen cabinet
Wood screws
Electric drill
Table saw
1 5/8 in. hole saw
Measuring tape
Mallet and bevel chisel
Wood screws
Wood (1 x 6 inch pieces)

With a wine rack, your collection of wines is not only safely organized, but also attractively presented. Follow these simple steps to build your own customized wine rack.

Step 1 – Design the Rack

Make a sketch of what you'd like the wine rack to look like. You should be sure to create a design that accommodates both the amount of wine bottles you'd like to have in the rack and the overall size of the cabinet.

Step 2 – Get the Dimensions of the Cabinet

With the help of the screwdriver and hammer, remove the cabinet’s doors, shelves, and brackets. The rack’s side brackets will obviously be as wide as the cabinet’s depth. Use your measuring tape to determine this width.

Step 3 – Establish Shelf Requirements

Since wine bottles require good air circulation while in storage, the shelves shouldn’t be too crammed. Measure the inside length of the cabinet and divide this by ten to get the right number of shelves for your rack.

Step 4 – Preparing the Side Brackets

Make the side brackets using the 1 x 6 inch boards. Divide each board lengthwise using the table saw, thus producing two individual side brackets. Select an end on one bracket and six inches from it draw a notch of 1” length and 1½” depth.

Repeat this procedure from the opposite side of the bracket only this time the length between the end and the notch will be two inches.

Use the mallet and chisel to lightly gouge out the notches. Then, smooth the brackets with the sandpaper.

Step 5 – Creating the Back Shelves

Cut a 1 by 6 inch plank long enough to fit in the rack’s width. Next, mark a line lengthwise at the center of this back plank and divide this length, say by four, which will be the number of bottles on each shelf. With the aid of a hole-cutter, make four round holes in the plank.

After the holes are created, the plank should then be cut along the same center line to create two shelf backs.

Step 7 – Creating the Front Shelves

Follow the same procedure to make the front shelves as you did the back shelves. However, this time around, make shallow concaves using a 1 5/8 in. hole saw. Similarly split the plank into two.

All the rack shelves should also be smoothed and finished like the brackets.

Step 8 – Install the Brackets

Install the brackets just below the line where the shelf racks are to be placed. The notches should be facing upwards.

Pre-drill holes from the outside the cabinet into the brackets and then secure them together with both wood glue and screws. Always ensure that opposite brackets are well aligned.

Step 9 – Install the Back Rack Shelves

Slide in the back racks and nudge them into the notches.

Step 10 – Install the Front Rack Shelves

Repeat the same process at the front. If the notches seem too narrow you can do some sanding to create space.

Step 11 – Test the Wine Rack

The wine rack should now be ready for your bottles. Try placing them on the racks one by one to confirm that they will be steady.



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