Build a Cat Seat on a Window Sill Build a Cat Seat on a Window Sill

What You'll Need
1 by 6 board
Wood screws
Tape measure
Carpet remnant or rug
Carpet or utility knife
Work gloves

Adding a seat to a window sill is an inexpensive way to give your cat hours of pleasure and comfort without cluttering up the house. Specialized cat furniture can be expensive and cumbersome. A window sill ledge can make the most out of limited space and a tight budget. This is an easy project that should take only a couple of hours to complete.

Step 1 – Preparation

  • Measure the width of the inside of the windowsill.
  • Transfer that measurement to the board.
  • Cut the board 1/16 of an inch shorter than the opening. This will make assembly easier.
  • Sand any rough edges.
  • Check to ensure the window will still open easily with the board held in place.

Step 2 – Installation

  • Place the board on the sill. Position it as deeply into the frame as the window allows.
  • Fasten it to the bottom of the sill with wood screws every 12 to 18 inches. Use a zigzag pattern so the wood does not split. The screws should penetrate the sill by at least 1/2 inch.

Step 3 – Carpeting

  • Hold the carpet on top of the new ledge, butted up against the window.
  • Check again to ensure the window will open easily.
  • Lay the carpet upside down on a workbench or level surface.
  • Measure and mark the piece to be cut. It should be the same length as the board. It will cover the width of the board and wrap around over the front face, extending far enough on the underneath side to allow it to be securely attached.
  • Double check your measurements, and cut the carpet to size.
  • Attach the carpet to the ledge with screws. Use screws that are too short to completely pierce the ledge. Start on top, at the edge by the window to ensure a snug fit.
  • Trim any bits of carpet fiber that have been dislodged.

Tips and Tricks

  • In a household with multiple cats, the shelf can be made using a board 1 by 8 to handle increased “traffic.”
  • Catnip “tea” can be sprayed or wiped onto the board before the carpeting is attached.
  • Using screws to attach the carpeting will make replacement easy should the piece become too worn or soiled. It is also handy to be able to match the room décor after remodeling. Avoid using glues that may contain chemicals harmful for your pet.
  • Carpet can be stiff and difficult to handle. A possible (but slightly less durable) alternative would be to use doormats or bathroom rugs. Be sure the material selected is suitable for your cat. Plastic “grasses” and some synthetic materials are uncomfortable for a cat to walk on.
  • At either end of the ledge a small amount of the wood will show extending out from the windowsill. This will not be terribly noticeable, but can be “finished” with a touch of paint to match the sill or covered with a bit of carpet.
  • Placing a bird feeder or birdhouse outside the window will provide hours of entertainment for your cat.

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