Build a Childproof Gun Cabinet in 6 Steps Build a Childproof Gun Cabinet in 6 Steps

Children and guns do not mix, and it is your duty to ensure that guns are kept in child-proof gun cabinets. To build a child-proof gun cabinet you should start with a cabinet that is already fitted with good locks.

Step 1 – Location

Decide on where the cabinet is to be. If it is going to be displayed on a living room wall so that your guns can be appreciated by visitors make sure it has unbreakable glass in the doors.

Step 2 – Hide It from Children

If the cabinet is to be in a room where children will often playit is in the wrong place. Move it to a room where they do not normally go and if the room has a closet, put it in there. If it is possible, do not let the children know where your gun cabinet will becuriosity is a very powerful trait in children

Step 3 – Securing to Walls

If the cabinet is going to be on or against a wall use good quality fittings to connect it to the wall. If it is a solid wall you can use expansion bolts or cavity fittings on hollow walls. Securing the cabinet to the wall will make it impossible to fall over onto a child who might be pulling on it or trying to climb on it

Step 4 – Locks and Keys

Make sure the lock on the cabinet is really secure and keep the keys where the children will not find them. If you have any doubts at all about the lock on the gun cabinet, either replace it or fit the cabinet with an additional lock. You do not need to carry your gun cabinet key around with you so don’t put it on your key ring with your house keys.

Step 5 – Closet Door

If the gun cabinet is in a closet fit a good lock to the closet door. It is a good idea to move the door lock to the top of the door so the children can’t reach it.

Step 6 – Self Discipline

Decide that you are going to use all the locks every time you close your gun cabinet. You can have the most child proof gun cabinet in the world, but if you fail to lock it, it becomes useless.

It is not possible to be too careful with guns, and if you are not using them they should be locked away. A gun that is not in a child-proof gun cabinet is always going to be a potential threateven more so if it isn’t locked into anything at all. By having multiple security features your gun cabinet should save accidents from happening because several mistakes need to be made before a danger arises.

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