Build a Closet Shoe Rack in 3 Steps

Get away from digging through piles of shoes by building an easy, practical closet shoe rack. It doesn't matter how many shoes you have, or the types they are, this closet shoe rack can work with them.

1. Build Square Blocks
Cubby holes have always been a great storage solution. The same thing applies to a closet shoe rack. Count up the number of shoes you have and think about how many pairs to put in each block. You could put two pairs in each, or up to six different pairs. You can build them individually, or in a long string that hold multiple boxes.

Using a 2x10 board, cut two pieces 10 inches long and two others 15 inches long. Put together end to end and screw together. Cut out another piece for the back and attach.

Build as many of these as you need to take care of all your shoes.

2. Paint or Decorate
Once you have built your boxes, then give them a good sanding to get rid of any splinters and prepare the wood for paint. Either paint them all the same color or use different colors for each one. Get the kids involved and have them paint their own and put their names on them.

3. Stack and Load
The great thing about this closet shoe rack is that you can stack them in multiple designs. Once you have them in your closet the way you want, load up your shoes and enjoy hassle free shoe storage.