Build a Closet Tie Rack

A handy do it yourself project is a closet tie rack. Ties are much better when you can get to them easily and without having to untie them from each other. They will end up lasting longer, and looking better when they are not all wrinkled, when they are hung up on hooks so they can hang freely. Build your own closet tie rack in a few simple steps.

Cut Wood to Size
Building a closet tie rack requires very little in material and actual build time. Cut a piece of 1x6, cedar is a great choice, to a 24 in. size using a circular saw. Sand the edges and rounding them over for a decorative touch. If you want, use a round over bit in a router for each edge.

Drill Holes in Pegs
Drill holes in the back of your 1x6 every two inches, countersinking the holes for a flush fit, for the pegs. Pre-drill holes in the pegs to limit any splitting.

Attach Pegs
Attach the pegs to your 1x6 with screws and finish with a stain or paint. Screw wall hangers on each side of the closet tie rack and hang at about eye level.