Build A Container Fountain: 6 Steps Build A Container Fountain: 6 Steps

What You'll Need
Crystal Ball
Large Plastic or Ceramic Pot
Fountain Pump
PVC Chips
Polished Stones
Plastic Container
Waterproof Sealant
Sharp Knife
Wire Mesh

Adding a container fountain to your landscaping efforts can add value to your home as well as make it more inviting. While it may seem very expensive and time consuming it is actually fairly easy to make. Even though it may take more time than simpler projects the end results are worth the extra effort.

These steps will show you how to make an outdoor fountain using a crystal ball accent.

Step 1 - Selecting a Fountain Pump

Determine the right fountain pump by filling a gallon milk jug with water and pouring it in the pot. Continue doing this until the pot is 2/3rd full. Example: If three milk jugs filled the pot then you will need a fountain pump that can handle at least three gallons.

Step 2 - Making the Sphere Stand

First, place the fountain pump in the center of the pot then fit a plastic container over it. You may need to try several containers until you find one that's large enough to cover the pump as well as one that is nearly as deep as the pot itself. Next, drill five holes along the sides of the plastic container then remove the container's bottom so that it is open at both ends.

Step 3 - Preparing the Pump Assembly

Attach the pump hose and allow it to rest on the lip of the pot. Next, drill a hole on the side of the pot near the bottom large enough for the power cord. Now, pull the power cord through the hole until it is nearly tight across the bottom of the pot. Next, apply the waterproof sealant around the hole and cord.

Step 4: Prepare the Sphere

First, drill two holes in to the sphere with one on the top and the other on the bottom; both large enough for the pump hose to fit inside. Next, feed the hose through the sphere until it comes out the other end then set the sphere to the side for now.

Step 5 - Final Assembly

Begin by first filling the pot 5-inches from the top with PVC chips. Next, trim the mesh to fit the circumference of the pot then make a cut from one end to the center to allow the pump hose to remain in place. Now, evenly place one layer of polished stones over the mesh. Next, put super glue on the tubing that is poking out the top of the sphere. Push the tubing down in to the sphere until the hose is just inside the sphere. Once set, place the sphere on top of the stand with the hose facing up.

Step 6 - Running the Fountain

First, place the pot where you need it then fill it with water until the stones are covered. Finally, plug the fountain pump in to an outlet and wait for the pump to begin circulating the water. You will begin to notice the water coming up over the sphere and trickling downward.

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