Build a Corner Cabinet

A corner cabinet is an excellent option in rooms where space is tight or the room is small. This type of cabinet offers additional storage space and is easy to construct as a weekend or afternoon project.


In the simplest of terms, a corner cabinet is a triangular cabinet. In order to make a cabinet of this shape, you will need to measure the size of the corner, the desired height of the cabinet and the depth of your triangle corner.

For the top and bottom of the cabinet, make a square out of wood and then cut it diagonally. Next you will need to cut pieces of wood for the sides and the front of the cabinet. These can be square shaped or rectangular, depending on the desired height and depth of the cabinet. You can attach the sides together by nailing them or you can use wood glue as another option.

Once you have the cabinet put together, then stain or paint at least the front and top of the cabinet and then put it in place.