Build A Dog House to Keep Your Pet Warm

If you want to build a dog house to keep your pet outside but are worried about low temperatures, you should know that it's possible to construct a dog house that will keep your best friend warm on cold nights without being too expensive. The basic aspects are the same as a warm-weather dog house, but a few added features will make it ready for cold-climate use.

Steps for Building an Insulated and Heated Dog House

  1. Acquire 2x4s, plywood, insulation, nails, shingles, outdoor-rated electrical wire and a high wattage light bulb. The amounts of the materials required depend on the size of the dog and the size of the house you plan to build. Consult your construction plans for details.
  2. Build the base of the dog house by creating a four-sided frame using 2x4s with, with two additional 2x4s set in the center of the frame as a brace and for added support. Install a sheet of plywood on top of this frame.
  3. Assemble the walls by nailing more 2x4s together into vertical frames and installing plywood on the outside. You should now have a total of three walls, plus the base.
  4. Nail the wall panels to the base of the dog house.
  5. Install rolled insulation between the wall joists.
  6. Install plywood on the inside portions of the walls, closing in the insulation.
  7. Build a roof structure by cutting and joining 2x4s at a 45 degree angle to the top of the walls.
  8. Install plywood over the roof joists to close in the tops.
  9. Run an electrical line to the dog house and install a fixture through the roof of the dog house.
  10. Install the high voltage light.

Using a high voltage light is an easy way to provide heat in a dog house. Most high voltage light bulbs will produce enough heat to effectively warm a small enclosure such as a dog house, with the insulated walls keeping it effectively trapped in the enclosure.