Build a Fake Fireplace

What You'll Need
Three 8x4 Wood Beams
Screwdriver (or Drill)
Wood Screws
Toggles (pins or bolts)
2 Right Angle Metal Brackets
Headless Nails
Wood Putty
Wood Stain or Paint
3 Panel Fireplace Screens
Long Level
Iron Candelabra

A fake fireplace is so convenient for those who want its beauty, but are unable to afford what it would cost to have a real one. People tend to think that just because they cannot afford to have a real fireplace, they simply cannot have one. A fake fireplace looks very real, and graces any room with its style. There is no fire hazard to worry about with a fake fireplace. There are also different styles of fake fireplaces. Some of them are actually heaters that can heat up your home. They even come with a lit flame on the inside to give them the look of a real burning fireplace. If you are interested in building a fake fireplace for your home, use the tools and steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Installing the Brackets and Attaching the Mantelpiece

Once you have decided on the height for your new fireplace, mark the height and match the length the mantel will be with the height mark. Right below your markings, install the two brackets. You can attach your mantelpiece over the brackets using the toggle pins or wood screws. If you use wood screws, be sure they are driven all the way in securely, as you do not want a gap between the wall and the mantelpiece.

Step 2 – Build the Fireplace Sides

Measure the distance from the floor up to the mantelpiece. The sides need to match this length exactly so the fit will be tight and secure. Once you have fit these in and they are covering the brackets, hammer the headless nails from the top of the mantel shelf, down into the sides to secure them. There will be holes left in the shelf from the nails that you can use putty to fill. Now that the frame for your fireplace is built, you may stain or paint accordingly. Black paint is recommended for the area inside of the mantelpiece frame. You may also add small photos or whatnots on top of your mantelpiece.

Step 3 - Making the Fireplace Grate

The grate is usually covered in dark soot. Given this, you will want to create a small border around the grate and paint it in another color tone before painting the inside of the mantelpiece black. You can even paint it a brick pattern.

Step 4 – Giving the Appearance of Fire

Since the area behind the grate is black, use a large iron candelabra to create the fire. You can use a 3-part fireplace screen to close the candelabra in. This will make the fireplace seem more real and appealing. A prefabricated fireplace heater unit with artificial flames can also be inserted at this stage. For nearby décor, a rug or chair can be placed in front of or beside the fireplace.