Build a Fireplace That Compliments Your Living Room

When you decide to build a fireplace in your living room, you may want to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. There are many different fireplace designs to choose from.

Build a Fireplace: What to Consider

Some aspects you will want to keep in mind before starting the project is the size of your living room, where the windows are located, do you want a modern look, a traditional look, or a contemporary look.

Are you going to go with a traditional gas fireplace that will need a chimney and will need to be professionally installed, or are you going to choose a style you can install yourself?

One choice might be a vent less fireplace. These fireplaces use an eco friendly gel.  These fireplaces come in many designs. A ventless fireplace can in many cases be installed by the home owner.

Another choice is the portable style of fireplace. This might be a good choice if you would like to be able to move your fireplace from your living room to your bedroom.

Once you have decided what kind of fireplace you want in your living room then it is time to decide whether you will do the installation or have it done.