Build a Freestanding Outdoor Hammock Build a Freestanding Outdoor Hammock

What You'll Need
Hammer or a screwdriver
Nails or screws
Measuring tape
Water-resistant stain

Having an outdoor hammock is a wonderful luxury during the summer months, but without two trees, it may be hard to hang one. By building a freestanding frame for your hammock, you will be able to decide where the hammock will rest.

Step 1: Preparing the Wood

The first thing you will need to do is start building the base of the structure. Purchase durable wood, such as oak. You will need durable wood so that your frame will not fall apart.

Cut 3 planks of wood about 8 feet apart and 8 planks that are 3 feet apart. You will also want 2 pieces about 3 feet long, but will have “triangular” ends so that you will be able to use them as a support. Sand down the edges to make sure that there will be no splinters that will hurt you later. Cover the wood with a coat of water-resistant stain, making sure to cover it completely for the best protection.

Step 2: Building the Base

Set two of the 8-foot boards side by side on the ground, about 3 feet apart. Letting one board lay on its skinny side, attach the end of it to the end of one of your 3-foot long boards with either nails or screws. Screws will last longer, and you will have to do less maintenance.

Do the same with another board, on the other end, making three parts of a rectangle. Once those are connected, connect the other 8-foot long board to complete the bottom base. Make sure that it is nailed in or screwed on tight for better results.

Step 3: Building the Top

You will want to build the top of the structure the same way you built the bottom of the structure. The difference will be that there will only be three sides, the two smaller and one larger.

Don’t worry if it feels a little flimsy when you are done with it. The other wood you have will support it once you put the two base parts together.

Step 4: Attaching the Bases Together

Get two people to help you hold up the top base. While they are holding it up, take the last 4 of the basic 3-foot boards and screw one close to each corner, reinforcing them with nuts and bolts.

Then take the two trimmed pieces of wood and use and attach them to the side without a plank on the top. Attach one on each side, creating a triangle going as far into the center as it will go. This will work as a support for the side so that it will not break with too much weight.

If the structure still seems unstable to you, you may want to add a couple more pieces of wood on the other side of the structure that will work as a support.

Step 5: Attach Hooks

After the frame has been build, attach hooks in the center of each end, pointing into the middle. You will be able to hang your hammock on those and enjoy relaxing.

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