Build a Hanging Wall Shelf Easily Build a Hanging Wall Shelf Easily

What You'll Need
Wood Glue
Nail Gun
Circular Saw

A hanging wall shelf can also be referred to as a floating wall shelf, and it is a shelf with no support beams underneath. The mounting brackets come from the wall and go inside the shelves, to make the shelf steady and stable.

Step 1 – Shelf Measurements

This shelf will measure 12 by 6 by 2 inches, you can alter these measurements to your own personal tastes. The top and bottom of the shelf will measure 12 by 6 inches, the side pieces will measure 6 by 2 inches and the front piece will measure 12 by 5 inches.

Step 2 – Make the Shelf

Cut out the pieces of wood measured in Step 1 with a circular saw. Glue the front piece of wood to the 2 side pieces. This will make a C shape. Next, glue a sheet of wood to the top and the bottom of the C shape design. This creates a box with 1 open end that will be flush against the wall once installed.

Step 3 – Secure it

Using the nail gun, put 1 nail at each point that 2 pieces of wood join together. This makes the structure stronger than glue alone.

Step 4 – Mount Shelf

With 4 inches screws, screw a piece of wood into the wall that is 10 by 2 by 1 inches thick, this will be the mount. Slide the shelf onto the mount and secure it with a screw at every 2 inches interval. Now you have your hanging wall shelf.

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