Build A Kids' Picnic Table In 3 Steps

What You'll Need
1x6-foot, 8-foot long (3)
1x3-foot, 4-foot long (3)
4 1/2-inch wood screws
1 1/2-inch
Electric screwdriver
Wood glue
Tape measure
Polyurethane sealant

Many children can feel left out when adults have outdoor gatherings, but giving them a kids picnic table can help them have their own fun. The following steps will show you how to build a children's picnic table.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces

A picnic table is a fairly simple build if you possess even a moderate knowledge of woodworking tools.

As you make your marks and trim the wood it is always a good idea to make a note on each piece for what it is for. It will save you a lot of assembling time in the end.

Begin with the 1x3-foot, 4-foot long pieces of lumber by marking and cutting out the following:

  • 23 1/2-inch long with 30-degree cuts on each end to be used as the legs (4)
  • 16 1/2-inch long for table supports (2)
  • 33-inch long for seat supports (2)
  • 24 1/2-inch long to be used as a brace (1)

On the 1x6-foot, 8-foot long pieces of lumber measure and cut the following:

  • 35 1/2-inch long pieces to be used as the top of the picnic table (3)
  • 35 1/2-inch long pieces for the seats (2)

Step 2 - Wood Finish

This step is optional as painting or staining the children's picnic table is more of a personal choice that does not harm the durability of the picnic table. If you do not want to finish the wood then just skip this step.

It's easier to stain the pieces then it is to stain the project when it's already assembled.

Lightly sand each piece of the table. Take off any rough edges or marks. You do not have to put a lot of muscle into it just enough so that the wood will absorb the stain.

When you are satisfied with your sanding job begin staining the picnic table pieces. Use your paintbrush to get both top and bottom and of course the sides. Let them dry then apply a second coat.

With the second coat dry you can now apply the polyurethane coating. This will keep the stain looking fresh and allow the table to be easily cleaned as well as protected from the elements.

Step 3 - Assembling the Picnic Table

Now that the polyurethane is dry you can now start putting the table together.

Start by laying out the table and seat supports. Place the legs on top of the supports and line them up. Screw them together using the longer wood screws. Repeat with the next set. These are your frame assemblies which will keep the picnic table upright.

Stand the frames up and attach the long brace in the middle of them and flush against the top. Attach the brace using two of the smaller screws.

The remaining boards are all the same size. Place one at each seat position, line them up, and screw in place to the supports. Place the last three boards on the top and screw them in place. Use the small wood screws for the seats and table top.