Build a Loft Bed Slide - Get Up and Go!

What You'll Need
Two lengths of 8 feet 2x6's
2x4 lumber for cross members
Carriage bolts
Wood screws
Socket wrench
Skill saw
Carpenter's square
Liquid nail adhesive
Aluminum for slide cut to 12 inchs by 8 feet long.

A fun thing to build is a loft bed with slide. All children will be thrilled to have a slide coming off the end of their loft bed.

As fun as a loft bed with slide would be, there will be some serious safety considerations. You will want to make the bed as safe as you can to keep kids free from injuring themselves. If your slide is going to be more than 5 feet tall, you should reconsider. This is a little too tall for a small child. Also, keep in mind that you will need to have some extra room because the slide isn't straight down.

Step One - Find Positioning for Slide

Determine where on the loft bed you are going to put the slide. You are going to need at least 8 feet of space in front of the area where the slide is going to go. The end of loft bed would be a better choice for the slide's location.

Step Two - Cut Angles on 2x6

The easiest way to cut the angle for the support beams on the slide is to hold it up to the loft bed. Position it the way it will be and then place the lumber, on its side, on top of the bed's frame. Take your carpenter's square and place it on the side of the bed to reach the 2x6. Trace that line onto your 2x6 and that is the angle you will need to cut. Put on your eye protection and carefully cut out the angle on the 2x6. Next, cut the 2x6 down to eight feet lengths. Repeat with the other piece of lumber.

Step Three - Secure to Loft Bed

Place the 2x6 support beams onto the loft bed and mark two holes for carriage bolts. Make sure they are in the center of the lumber. Drill the holes in through the side of the lumber and into the bed's frame. Countersink the hole to 1/2 inch depth. Apply a bead to the end that will rest on the loft bed and position them in place about 12 inches apart. Using a socket wrench, with a deep socket, drive in the carriage bolts and tighten.

Step Four - Attach Cross Pieces

For added support for the metal slide, place 2x4 cross pieces every 10 inches. This will provide a solid base for the metal. Drill wood screws into the side of the support beams and into the 2x4 cross members to secure them.

Step Five - Attach Metal Slide

Take your metal and apply a bead of Liquid Nail to the sides. Position the sides onto the support beams and hold in place. The adhesive will hold it securely while you drill pilot holes into the metal for the screws. Place the screws every 8 inches and secure the metal to the slide. Attach a piece of 2x4 down the length of the slide on each side, on top of the metal, to act as a rail. Attach with straight metal pieces that connect to the support beams and the 2x4. Sand down to a rounded edge and let your kids enjoy their new loft bed with slide.