Build A Martin Birdhouse In 5 Steps Build A Martin Birdhouse In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
4-foot by 8-foot by 1/4-inch plywood
2 4-inch by 8-inch window screen; metal
4-inch by 4-inch by 14-foot cedar post
1/2-inch dowel rods as needed
Wood Glue
Stainless Steel Siding Nails
1-inch Nails
1/4-inch rod threaded at both ends

Building a martin birdhouse is a great way to attract purple martins. The difference between this type of birdhouse and a generic birdhouse is this birdhouse has multiple levels.

Step 1 - Drawing Out the Pieces

This particular martin birdhouse is designed to be made out of one sheet of plywood. Measure the following dimensions on to the plywood:

  • 1 25-inch by 25-inch (Floor)
  • 1 25-inch by 24-inch (Ceiling)
  • 2 25-inch by 14 1/8-inch (Roof Side)
  • 2 18 3/4-inch by 6-inch (Side #1)
  • 2 18 3/4-inch by 6-inch (Side #2)
  • 4 18 3/4-inch by 6-inch (Room Partitions)
  • 4 24-inch by 5 3/4-inch (End Roof Support)
  • 2 24-inch by 5 3/4-inch (Center Roof Support)
  • 4 24 1/2-inch by 1 1/2-inch (Base)
  • 1 23 1/2-inch by 1 1/2-inch (Base)
  • 2 11-inch by 1 1/2-inch (Base)

Step 2 - Section Details

Before you cut out your pieces, measure out the following details:

  • Floor: Place a drill mark in the very center of the floor.
  • Ceiling: Measure 9 1/2-inches from each side and create a 5-inch by 5-inch square.
  • Side #1: On the long side measure 3 1/4-inch, 6 1/4-inch, and 6 1/4-inch; measure 3 1/4-inch on the short side to find the center. Draw three 1-inch circles at the measurements you made.
  • Side #2: Draw a 1-inch circle in the center.
  • Room Partition: Measure 6-inches from each side on the long side and 3-inches on the short side to find the center. Draw two 3-inch by 1/4-inch wide notches at the 6-inch marks.
  • End of Roof Support: Create a 45 degree peak on each piece; in the center of each, close to the peak, draw a 1-inch circle on two of the pieces and a 1-inch by 1-inch square on the remaining two.
  • Center Roof Support: Create a 45 degree peak on each piece.

Step 3 - Cutting

All of this tedious prep work will save you a lot of time in the end. First, cut out each piece from the plywood. Next, cut out all of the detail measurements you made.

Step 4 - Assembling the Martin Birdhouse

Assembling the birdhouse is fun so take your time to avoid any needless mistakes. First, assemble the base by gluing and nailing the four pieces of the base together to form a square. Next, glue and nail the second longest base board in the center followed by the two 11-inch base pieces in the opposite direction. When you are finished the inside of the base should resemble a cross then drill a hole through the center. Now, assemble the Side #1 pieces with wood glue having the sides with three holes facing each other. Next, attach to the base with wood glue.

Next, glue the Side #1 assembly to the floor then nail in place. Now, assemble the partitions by sliding the solid pieces in to the notched and add to the center. Next, place the ceiling on top of the partition and nail in place. Now, sandwich one metal screen between each of the matching sets of end roof supports; gluing them in place and securing with nails. Next, glue center supports together. Glue one set of end supports to each end and the center support to the center. Now, glue and nail the roof sides to the roof supports. Next, in the center, glue and nail the chimney in place. Finally, drill a hole through the center of the birdhouse going through the chimney then insert the threaded rod screwing it in to the floor.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches and The Pole

When you are satisfied with the look of the birdhouse, you can now glue it to the top of the cedar pole and, when dry, put the other end of the pole in the ground.




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