Build a Masonry Fence Column

What You'll Need
Wheel barrow
Masonry trowel
Tape measure
4-foot hand level
Joint striker
Soft bristled brush
Type N mortar
Brick sand
Work wear

Building masonry fence columns can add beauty to any fence structure that you want to erect. There are many choices of brick patterns to choose from so you don't have to worry about being short on ideas. Constructing your columns will take time but the end result will be well worth every minute. With the proper tools, you can have your masonry fence columns up in 3 to 4 days depending upon how many you are building and their size.

Step 1: Prepare the Areas 

With your goggles, gloves and comfortable work wear, prepare the areas you wish to place your masonry fence columns. Use your tape measure to determine the distance between the columns. Your columns will need footing to make a solid structure. Dig and loosen the sod, dirt and rocks with your shovel and hoe in a perfectly square mold. If your column will be 12 x 12 inches, your footer will be 24 x 24 inches. Remove the dirt to the depth that you have determined it needs to be in accordance with the height and width of your masonry fence columns.

Step 2: Mix the Concrete 

Mix the concrete in your wheel barrow per the instructions on the bag. You will want the mixture to be thick batter-like consistency to ensure the strength of your footing. Be sure to not mix more concrete than will last past 30 minutes. Beyond this point, your concrete mixture will dry out. Put your mixture aside for use in Step 3.

Step 3: Install Rebar

Adding rebar to your footer will help prevent it from collapsing or crumbling. Install the rebar in the center of the footer to tie the column to the footer. For a stability, ensure the footer is at least 2 inches or more below the dirt level. Once you have installed the rebar, pour your concrete mixture into the form. Pour the mixture in the farthest corner and work it outward toward the rest of the form. Once the form is completely filled, screed the concrete with the edge of a 2 x 4 board to make the concrete even and smooth. Give the footers at least 2 days to cure. Repeat this process for all columns you are going to build.

Step 4: Build the Columns

Now that the required time has passed for curing, you will need to mix your brick mortar in your wheel barrow. Be sure to follow the directions on the bag for best results. With your masonry trowel, spread the mortar out on the footer in the square shape of the footer. Lay the first course of bricks. Tap the bricks gently with the handle of your trowel and make sure they are level and square. Spread mortar on the top of the first course of bricks and stagger the bricks so that the previous joints on the first level of bricks fall in the middle of a whole brick. Repeat this process until the all your columns are completed.