Build A Motorcycle Trailer

What You'll Need
Freight trailer
Cargo box, car trailer box
Stainless steel bolts (1/4 inch and 1/2 inch)
Primer (2 rattle cans)
Enamel (3 cans)
Diamond plate of aluminum
Duty chain
Self-locking nuts in 1/4 -inch steel button head bolts

If you own a motorcycle, you may be tempted to spend a fortune to purchase a motorcycle trailer; a cost that can be easily avoided. With a little knowledge, you can build a motorcycle trailer even if you're a novice, and the task is not only rewarding but easier than you may think. In addition, it takes no longer than a few weeks to build a great, fully-functional motorcycle trailer.

Step 1: Purchasing a Freight Trailer

The easiest way to build a motorcycle trailer is by purchasing a freight trailer, on which additional parts can be added. They can be purchased for a price far less than a full motorcycle trailer can, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They will typically not cost more than a couple of hundred dollars for a medium- to small-sized one, with the cost being slightly more for a larger trailer. These can be then assembled upon arrival, but if the instructions are followed thoroughly, it should not take longer than a week.

Step 2: Adding the Enclosed Part

Once the freight trailer has been purchased, the additional parts need to be added to it. There are a few different options of how to go about adding extra parts, with one of them being purchasing a car top carrier. These are easily affordable and add to the trailer a car trunk sized amount of space. For a smaller freight trailer, a cooler can be added with a bicycle or a tent tied down to it. Tough, sturdy chains need to be used to attach these to the trailer, and then its stability needs to be tested at slower speeds before it is attempted to be used on longer distances.

Step 3: Building a Trailer From Scratch

Another option to be to build a trailer from scratch, one that most who are mechanically inclined prefer to do. This can save a lot of money if attempted with the appropriate tools and know-how. It would require the building of a frame and wheels attached to it. Much of the parts of the trailer can be easily purchased either online or from hardware stores. After the frame is built, the carrier needs to be assembled. It can be built either from wood, or even constructed from a pre-made carrier, such as a car top carrier. In addition, pre-made boxes can also be used, which can be purchased from home improvement stores.

Step 4: Final Steps

The frames of the trailer should be bolted securely together and then covered with the aluminum diamond plate. A desired color of paint should coat the plate, which is used basically to make the frame sturdy. Button head bolts can be used to secure the plate.