Build a Plywood Sandbox Cover in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
3/4 inch Pressure treated plywood (4x8 sheet)
(4) pressure treated 2x4 8 lengths
Screw gun
3 inch galvanized wood screws
Galvanized handle hardware
(4) 3 inch Galvanized hinges
Framing square
Tape measure
Circular saw
Work gloves
Safety glasses


A sandbox cover is a great way to keep leaves, animals and debris from your child’s sandbox.  A sandbox is a great way for a young child to get hours of enjoyment in the safety of their backyard.  Fortunately a sandbox cover can help keep out unwanted visitors and debris.

You can easily build a plywood sandbox cover using the following tools and materials and by following the steps below:



Step 1 –Lay-out the Sandbox Cover

The first step in building a sandbox cover out of plywood is to accurately measure the dimensions of your sandbox.  For the purpose of this article we’ll assume that the sandbox is 8 feet long by 8 feet wide.  Since this cover will be hinged, these need to be marked out as well.  After you feel comfortable about your layout, you can begin to build the frame.

Step 2 – Build the Frame

Next, construct the frame using the pressure treated 2x4.  Cut the lumber to length and fasten the 2x4 to the inside of the sandbox frame using the 3 inch galvanized screws.  This will give your door more area to rest on and will also give you more wood to secure your hinges to.  Lay the two sheets of plywood on the frame without securing them so that each sheet covers half the sandbox.  Now, mark the locations of the hinges and handles.


Step 3 –Build the Cover

If you are going to paint the cover than this should be completed before you secure the plywood doors and hardware to the frame.  Be sure to use a primer and exterior grade paint to makes sure it lasts a few years. After you’ve painted the cover, secure the handles and hinges to each half of the cover.  You can choose any style handle so long as it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use.

Step 4 – Install the Cover

The last step is to fasten the cover to the sandbox itself.  Line up the two halves so that they are square with the all four corners of the sandbox.  Line up the hinges with the marks you made previously on the frame.  Now secure the hinges to the frame with the 3 inch galvanized screws and repeat the process for the other half.  Now test the doors to make sure they close properly and form a tight seam across the middle of the sandbox.  By using ¾ inch plywood you can eliminate the need for a center support beam.