Build a PVC Trellis in 3 Steps

What You'll Need
Hand saw
(15) PVC pipes; 1-foot in length
(5) PVC pipes; 3-feet in length
(2) PVC pipes; 6-feet in length
(12) PVC connectors; T-shaped, 3-hole
(2) PVC connectors; 90-degree
PVC cement

If you are running out of garden space then a simple PVC trellis may be the solution you are looking for. The following steps will show you how to create a PVC garden trellis that is easy and inexpensive.

Step 1 - Creating the Side Rails of the Trellis

The side rails of the trellis are the main supports of the project. Without a sturdy side rail the entire system will not be able to stand. The goal in this project is to make two sides, each measuring 6-feet in height.

Arrange 6 of the 1-foot long PVC pipes in a vertical line. Place a T-shape connector between each of the pipes in the line. Now, place another 6 pipes in a line directly across from the first line of pipes. Place the T-shape connectors between each of the 1-foot long pipes.

The 2 sides should be facing each other with the "T" sections pointing toward one another.

Place a small amount of PVC cement into each of the horizontal holes on the first PVC T-shape connector. Slide the 2 1-foot-long PVC pipes into the connector. Repeat with the next set until you have one completed side. Repeat with the second side rail. Allow the cement to dry before continuing.

Step 2 -Joining the Side Rails

With the cement dry you can now connect the pipes together to form the PVC trellis.

Place each side rail vertically onto your work surface or ground with the T-shape connectors facing each other.

Place some of the PVC cement on the inside of each of the 90-degree PVC connectors. While the cement is still wet, place one of the 90-degree connectors onto the end of one of the side rails. Repeat with the second 90-degree connector and the remaining side rail. Wait for the cement to dry before moving forward.

Put some of the PVC cement on the inside of the 90-degree connectors. Attach a 1-foot-long PVC pipe section to the 90-degree connectors to combine the sides.

Now, put glue inside the ends of 2 more T-shape connectors and put them on the 2 remaining ends of the side rails facing the direction of their respective sides. Cement another 1-foot-long piece of PVC pipe between the 2 T-shape connectors.

Once the cement has cured the trellis form will be finished.

Step 3 - Finishing the PVC Trellis

Place glue on the inside of each of the T-shape connectors on the side rail. Between each of the T-shape connectors place 1 of the 3-feet- long sections of PVC pipe. Let the cement dry before continuing.

Put cement in the top T-shape connectors of the PVC trellis and connect the 6-feet-long PVC pipe to the T-shape connectors. The piece you just connected can fall either in front of or behind the PVC trellis. 

When the cement is dry stand the trellis up and lean it against a wall or place it in the ground.