Build A Rock Patio In 4 Steps Build A Rock Patio In 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Red Brick
Wooden Stakes
Measuring Tape
Work Gloves
Landscaping Material

A rock patio can add charm to your back or front yard and value to your home. There is no need to hire an expensive contractor when you can just as easily do it yourself. It sounds like an expensive and time consuming project, but the following steps will show you how it can be done cheaply and in a weekend.

Step 1 - Location and Drainage

In most cases your rock patio with be in your backyard and attached to the house in some way but it can also be raised and away if you choose. First, select the patio's location and determine how you want it laid out.

Next, take measurements and record them as well as stake out and place twine around the area to properly mark it off. N

Check to see if the area is flat or if it is sloped toward or away from your house. If it is sloped toward your home, you will have to build the area up in order to prevent flooding. Finally, use your measurements and head off to the gardening store to purchase your materials.

Step 2 - Preparing the Area

With your location staked out and your materials purchased you can now begin getting the area ready for your project. First, go over every inch of the area and remove any vegetation that may be growing, any rocks that may hinder the project, and any debris.

Next, make your area level by removing an inch of surface dirt then using the level and removing more dirt of needed. With the dirt removed and leveled you can use the stamper to create packed-in and flat surface. Lastly, lay down the landscaping material in order to prevent weeds from growing.

Step 3 - Creating the Rock Patio

Now that the area is prepared, you can start laying the foundation for the rock patio. First, frame the area out with the brick sitting on their sides all inside the area you leveled out.

Next, measure the thickness of the flagstones and begin pouring the sand in the area leveling it, smoothing it over, and stamping it down so it's even. Continue this process until you can lay a stone and have it even with the top of the brick.

Begin laying your stones starting at one of the corners if the stones are even; if irregular flagstones you can lay them however you like for the best appearance. Next, stamp down the flagstones until they are seated in the sand with little area to move.

Step 4 - The Finishing Touches

The patio is near completion and all that is left are some minor things. First, pour sand over the entire surface of the rock patio and spread it out evenly so that it fills all of the cracks and crevices. Next, sweep away the excess sand from the patio. Now, begin placing flower pots, furniture, and other accents around the patio.

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