Build a Rock Pond In Your Backyard

What You'll Need
A pond liner
A shovel
Spray chalk
Smooth rocks
A pump
Basic tools

Building a rock pond requires a large section of your yard, a pond liner, a large variety of rocks, and creativity. The calming sound of water can give you some peace after a hectic day. You can make a pond for your yard in a few simple steps. 

Step One – Looking for Ideas

Local plant nurseries and garden stores will have lots of examples of rock ponds. Before you make you rock pond plans, take a look at some of these examples. Once you have made you plans, you can return to these stores for any materials you might need.

Step Two – Choose the Pond Location

Decide where you want to place your rock pond, and use the spray chalk to outline the shape for it..

Step Three – Choosing the Pond Style

Choose the style of pond you want to create. You can place a molded liner on the ground and hide the edges with rocks and flowers. You can pile up extra dirt in the area and set the liner snugly in place. Once again, you can hide the dirt mound with rocks and flowers, or you can dig out the earth and place the liner into the area. 

Step Four – Digging Out the Pond Area

Use a shovel to dig out the earth from the area where your rock pond will be situated, then tamp down the dirt until it is tightly packed. 

Step Five – Forming the Pond Liner

Be sure to choose a thick and durable liner that will withstand the rock weight without tearing. Cut out the required amount of pond liner you will need in the shape you would like. Lay the liner over the over the bed of the pond. Remember that you also use a molded plastic liner. In either case, cut off any excess material once the liner has been fit snugly into the ground, 

Step Six – Placing the Rocks

When you get the plants and rocks for your pond, be sure to choose ones that can be kept wet. They will either be placed in or around your pond, and they will have to withstand the constant moisture. You should also be careful to choose rocks for your pond that have smooth edges. Carefully place the rocks on the liner at the bottom of the pond. Continue placing rocks on the liner around the pond, creating a short wall that will keep all of the water inside the area.

Step Seven – Choosing a Water Pump

In order to have running water in your pond, you will need to choose and install a water pump.   You will most likely need a power supply for the water pump.

Step Eight – Filling Your Pond

Wait until your pond is completely finished before you visit your local garden center or pet shop to purchase any fish or other living creatures. The water temperature and pH levels must be settled before you introduce any life into the pond. Speak to the professionals to find out what pond life would be best suited for your backyard creation.