Build a Rock Walkway in Your Rock Garden Build a Rock Walkway in Your Rock Garden

Whether you use landscaping rock, pebbles, stones or boulders, rock gardens add a strong element of nature to garden design projects, bringing texture, color and substance to the area. They can be used to evoke a particular mood or feeling. For instance, black pebbles in a curved pattern might create a more Zen feeling, inviting visitors to be more meditative or contemplative. Adding a rock walkway in a rock garden can really pull the garden together visually.

If you plan to build a pathway of rocks, consider using flat rocks and using smaller rocks or gravel to fill in the spaces, rather than mortar or grout. The smaller rocks will give the path a greater personality and less formal feel than a paved path. By digging down 2 to 3 inches deeper than the thickest rock you are going to use, you can create a stable enough base so you won't need mortar. Finishing the path is simply a matter of lining it with 2 to 3 inches of sand, then placing your flat rocks on the sand and adding smaller rocks, pebbles, gravel or even sand to fill in the spaces one would normally mortar or grout.


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