Build A Rock Waterfall In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Assortment of 25-35 polished rocks (include several large and flat rocks)
120GPH Fountain Pump (gallons per hour)
Sturdy Preformed Pond Liner; 2 foot in diameter and 7-inches deep
Flexible Plastic Tube; 6 foot long with 1/2-inch opening
11-inch high Plastic Pot with 1/2-inch drainage hole
Spray Paint

A rock waterfall in your backyard can easily become a major focal point of your home. You may think building your own rock waterfall fountain is expensive and hard but the following steps will show how cheap and easy it really is.

Step 1 - Making the Pond

Make sure your chosen area is free of weeds, rocks, and other debris. First, flip your liner over and place it where you want your pond then spray paint around the liner. Now, dig a hole that is as deep as the liner by following along the spray paint. Next, place the liner in the hole to check depth and adjust as needed. Now, remove the liner and add 1/2-inch of sand to the hole then replace the liner and pack sand around the edges if there is a noticeable space. Finally, place the level inside the liner and check from all angles to ensure it is flat and press the liner in to the sand as needed until it is. Place the pump inside the pond and feed the pump tubing over the rim of the pond liner.

Step 2 - Selecting the Rocks

Choosing the right rocks can make or break your fountain. You will be looking for two kinds of rocks: cascade rocks and wall rocks. Separate the large rocks with flat surfaces from the other rocks. These will be your cascade rocks. The rocks that remain will potentially become the wall of your project.

Step 3 - Tubing Housing

The tubing housing hides the pump tube and is the main foundation for the fountain. First, place the plastic pot upside down where you want the focal point to be. Next, move the pump closer to the pot and dig a small trench that the tube can rest in. Now, pull the other end of the tubing through the drain hole of pot from the inside. Next, set the pot down upside down to cover the excess tubing keeping the pot several inches away from the pond.

Step 4 - Creating the Cascading Fountain

Creating the wall for the fountain is trial and error and is a sort of puzzle to get the proper stability. First, place a layer of rocks around the pond then move the flower pot against the pond and place a layer of rocks around the pot. Next, place a large flat rock across the front of the pond wall then continue building up the pond wall to two levels. Now, continue building the rock wall around the pot until it is completely disguised then lay two long flat rocks across the top with the tube held in place between them. Next, place your first cascading rock on this shelf slightly elevating the back with small stones. Now, place the second cascade rock on top of the first making sure it is smaller in length than the one it is sitting on. Next, pull the tubing up and bend it so that it curves over the top of the second cascade stone and use several small stones to hold it in place.

Step 5 - The Finishing Line

With your fountain finished you just need to test it. First, fill the pond liner with water then plug the pump in to the outlet. Now, wait for the water to begin circulating. You will most likely have to adjust some of the stones, the pump, or the line to get the effect you want.