Build a Rustic Coffee Table Pt 1: Pattern and Cutting Build a Rustic Coffee Table Pt 1: Pattern and Cutting

What You'll Need
Tree branches
Tree saw
Sharp knife
Tape measure
Circular or miter saw
Tree branch twigs

A rustic coffee table is one that is built to take on the look of a cabin furniture piece or one that you find in a rustic lodge. What makes it rustic is the use of logs, branches, twigs and other materials that are found in the surrounding woods and outdoors. You can build a rustic coffee table for your home to provide it with a more down to earth look or feel. In order to accomplish this task, there are several steps, tools and materials needed to build your rustic coffee table.

This article will discuss the process for building a rustic coffee table in 3 parts. The first part will focus on the pattern and cutting of the materials needed to build your rustic coffee table. Part 2 will look at assembling the rustic coffee table and the third part will focus on assembling and finishing the legs for your rustic coffee table.  

Step 1 - Sketch Your Rustic Coffee Table Design 

Before you start gathering the materials for your rustic coffee table you need to take a pencil and paper and sketch your design idea for your rustic coffee table. Using any existing coffee table in your home, draw the top, legs and any connectors for the legs. The top of your rustic coffee table will be made from wood panels that you can create using a piece of wood cut from an older tree. The legs that you attach will be made from logs about the thickness of firewood. You can use tree branch twigs to join the legs in the middle of the rustic coffee table or provide a decorative lip on top of it.

Step 2 - Gather Materials for Rustic Coffee Table

Take a tree saw and find an older tree out in the forest or woods near your home. You can also purchase fire wood and search through the logs for pieces that can be used in your rustic coffee table design. Along with the wood that you cut from the tree to form the legs and top, cut several narrow branches and sticks in order to use in the decorative design of the rustic coffee table. 

Step 3 - Cut the Slats for the Top of the Rustic Coffee Table

Take the larger pieces of wood and create 3 or 4 long slates that will be joined together to form the top of the rustic coffee table. Use a circular or miter saw to make the cuts in the wood. The cuts do not need to be perfect as long as they can be joined together and sanded smooth on the top. 

Step 4 - Cut the Legs for the Rustic Coffee Table

Take 4 logs and cut them in to 4 equal sized pieces to uses as the legs for the rustic coffee table. After you cut the logs, take a sharp knife and whittle one of the ends for each of pieces, giving it a bevel look. Do not focus on making the bevel looks perfect and uniform, but do not remove too much wood in order to avoid creating a table that is not level.   

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