Build a Sectional Sofa Ottoman Build a Sectional Sofa Ottoman

What You'll Need
6 plywood pieces
2 16 X 16 front and back pieces
2 16 X 19 side pieces
1 15 X 19 bottom piece
1 16 X 20 top piece
Razor blade knife
Flat Latex Paint
Paint brushes
Foam padding
Upholstery fabric
Staple gun
2 hinges (preferable piano hinges)
4 casters (for the bottom of the ottoman)

A sofa ottoman provides a place to rest your feet and relax after a long, hard day of work. An ottoman built for a sofa can range from as low as $50 up to and beyond $500 in price. They work well as resting stools and can be used as additional storage.

Step 1 – Assemble the Plywood Box
Assemble the plywood pieces into a box shape, beginning with the two sides and front and back pieces. Glue each piece together as you attach them (if necessary, use large clamps to hold pieces together).

Attach the box pieces with screws. Do not attach the lid piece during this stage of construction.

Step 2 – Paint the Box
Paint the interior of the ottoman and the side of the top piece that will close on top of the ottoman. This is done so whenever the lid is open, the top matches the inside. Apply several coats to the ottoman and allow each coat to dry before the next application.

Step 3 – Cut Foam

Place the foam over the top plywood lid and cut to size. Leave 1/4 to 1/2 of over hang on all sides. Affix the foam to the top using the glue gun.

Step 4 – Wrap the Ottoman Frame with Batting and Fabric

Use the batting to wrap the sides and front of the ottoman frame with batting, using the staple gun to attach. Take a piece of batting to cover the foam on top of the lid, using the staple gun to secure it in place.

Cut fabric to drape the frame and the top of the ottoman. These should be two separate pieces. Pull the fabric around the ottoman frame securing at the bottom with staples and pulling taut as you work around the frame. Pull the fabric into the box and attach at the top inside of the box with staples, smoothing and pulling taut as you work around the ottoman. Cut any excess with the razor blade knife to make uniform.

Cover the top in a similar manner as the frame, attaching to the inside with staples and pulling taut.

Step 5 – Attach The Hinges and Casters

Place the casters in their mounts and place on the bottom of the ottoman. Screw the casters into the plywood, being careful not to over screw.

Attach the lid to the ottoman with the piano hinges, using the drill to make holes.

Allow some time for the assembly to settle and you will be able to put it into use shortly after.

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