Build a Simple Wooden Entryway Storage Bench

What You'll Need
2 lengths of wood 2x4 inches x12 feet
1 length of wood 1x4x8 feet
8 foot plywood sheeting
Measuring tape
Wood glue
Two hinges

An entryway storage bench is a simple piece of furniture that can quickly become invaluable for everyday extra storage. An entryway storage bench is a particularly useful accessory in small apartments where there is not much space for larger, single purpose storage units. The wood can also be treated by painting or staining so that it matches the colors of the surrounding room. Building such a bench is a fairly simple process that anyone comfortable with basic carpentry and DIY should be able to manage. The materials are also cheap and provided you have everything you need at your disposal, you should be able to get the job done in a quiet afternoon.

Step 1 – Make a Plan

First, design a plan of the bench you want to make. Decide where it is going to fit in your entryway and take the necessary measurements to determine the optimal size of the bench. Apply this to a scaled diagram on graph paper. You should purchase enough wood for the frame and the top of the bench. When you have determined the quantity of materials needed, go out and purchase them and you will be ready to start working. The following steps assume that specific dimensions are used though you can feel free to alter them according to your plan.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

Cut the timber to the necessary measurements. First, cut the parts for the frame. Cut the 2x4 lengths of wood into eight sections, each 1 foot long. These will be used for the sides of the bench. Cut the 1x4 timber into five 12-inch long sections for the sides and bottom. Cut four 44-inch long pieces for the front and back of your bench. The plywood sheeting will form the sides and top of your bench and will need to be cut into two 12x12-inch sections and four 12x48-inch sections for the sides, top and bottom of the furniture.

Step 3 – Assembling the Bench

Arrange four 12-inch sections of cut wood to form a square, gluing them together with wood glue. You should use screws in addition to the wood glue to make the structure adequately strong. Make a second, identical square. Connect the corners of each square to each other using the 44-inch sections using both wood glue and screws. Cover this frame with the plywood sheeting that you have cut, attaching it to the bottom and four sides of the frame to create a box. On the top section, attach the hinges and then attach the remaining piece of plywood as the lid. Finally, using the 1x4 sections of wood, assemble the handles of the furniture.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

To finish up, sand down any rough edges where you cut the wood. You can the paint the furniture or finish it however you want.