Build A Solar Shed In 14 Steps Build A Solar Shed In 14 Steps

The best and easiest way to build a solar shed is to purchase a pre-designed and pre-cut kit that can be assembled. The kit will contain everything you need to build the structure and install solar energy technology for heat, lighting and electricity.

Tools and Materials Needed

•Reciprocating saw
•Deck screws
•Galvanized nails
•Anchor bolts
•Nuts and washers
•Roofing nails
•Double sick tape
•Masking tape
•Drill bits
•Hole saw
•Power miter saw
•Nail gun
•Hammer tacker

Step 1 – Unpack the Kit

Check out the packing list to determine if all parts of the shed are present and identify each before beginning assembly.

Step 2 – Determine Orientation

Make sure that the roof side containing the solar panels is facing south for optimum sun exposure.

Step 3 – The Foundation

Pour a concrete slab to act as flooring for the solar shed.

Step 4 – Build the Walls

Erect all four walls anchoring each to the concrete slab. Make sure to pencil in stud locations. Make use of a nail gun to assemble.

Step 5 – Attach Wall Sheathing

Attach exterior wall sheathing with rust-resistant nails to each wall.

Step 6 – Construct Sill Plate

Using special pressure treated 2 by 4s, cut lumber strips to the exact length of the perimeter needed. Make sure these strips are properly nailed together

Step 7 – Bore through the Sill Plate

Using special masonry drill bits bore through the sill plate lumber scoring the concrete floor. Remove the sill plate and drill each scored spot on the concrete with a special masonry bit. Now drill in expanding anchor bolts in each hole.

Step 8 – Attach the Sill Plate

Once the sill plate holes are lined up with the bolts, gently tap the sill plate onto the bolts. Anchor the sill plate using washers and nuts making sure to lop off any excessive bolt protruding above the washer/nut combination.

Step 9 – Bore Holes in Bottom of Wall Frame

Line up the anchor nuts to the bottom side of the wall plate and bore holes here to allow for the nut depth. Set the first wall in place.

Step 10 – Put up the Walls

Using a level, make sure the wall is perfectly vertical and install a temporary brace while attaching the wall to the sill plate. Also secure the wall to the sill plate from the outer wall. Repeat this with the other three walls.

Step 11 – Put up the Roof

Install the roof trusses that come with the one at a time. There are four. The kit includes spacers to place between each truss so they remain in the correct location. Install the stringer form that also forms the top of the windowpane installed later. The stringer also ties all the rafters together.

Step 12 – Install the Gables

Install the front and rear Gables before nailing in the roof sheathing. The kit will contain decorative trim and fascia boards to use.

Step 13 – The Roof

Install the roof paper using staples beginning at the bottom where the drip cap is installed. Make sure to overlap each new piece of paper by several inches up to the peak. Install roof shingles the same way.

Step 14 – The Windows

Install the solar window kit on the side of the roof where the window opening is located. Be very careful not to damage any collector panels.

Once completed, there are an unlimited number of solar gadgets and accessories to convert this captured sun power and turn it into energy for heat, lighting and electricity.

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