Build A Steel Arch For Your Gate

If you have a gate and a fence in your yard and you want to spruce up your home and garden space, one of the options available to you is to build a steel arch for your gate.

Build a Steel Arch for Your Gate

You can accomplish this task through various means. For example, you may create an archway out of your gate by creating a passageway through a wall, your fencing, a tall hedge or even a stand alone focal point. It would be wise to choose a finish and color that compliments your garden when designing the steel arch you will use for your gate.

If you already have fencing and a gate around your garden, adding a steel archway is a little more difficult. There are prefabricated options to choose from, or you can build your own to suit your needs. You can create a stand alone archway, or one that attaches to the top of your gate. Either way, it will be important to attach your arch to your gate using heavy bolts or screws to make sure that it does not fall over at any point.