Build a Stone Fireplace Surround in 4 Steps Build a Stone Fireplace Surround in 4 Steps

Adding a special, homey touch like a stone fireplace surround can add not only tremendous value to your home, but also a level of comfort to any room. Building it yourself will not only give you great satisfaction, but is easily done with a weekend and some basic masonry tools.

1. Prepare Area And Layout Stones
Take your measurements and gather the stones you will be using. Use a piece of wall board, set to the measurements you took, and layout the stones the way you want them. Do this next to your work area so you can directly transfer the rocks, in the pattern you laid out, to the fireplace.

2. Mix Mortar And Apply To Stones
Mix the mortar with water in a pan until it is the consistency of mud. Not too wet or it will run and not to think or it is hard to spread. Apply to the surface of the fireplace and the back of the stones and set in place.

3. Prop With Plywood Face
As you are setting the stones in place, you will need to continually prop them up with small scraps of wood, or sheets of plywood once you have enough on the wall. When the entire stone fireplace surround is set, then place a large sheet of plywood, or several if large enough, and lay flat against the stones. Place 2x4's against the plywood and leave for a day.

4. Grout And Clean
Once the mortar has dried then it is time to grout in between the stones. Keep a wet sponge handy to wipe of the excess. After you have completed grouting the rocks, make sure they are clean and enjoy!

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