Build a Vertical Gun Rack

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Power drill
Tape measure
Paper and pencil

Effective storage and easy access to your firearms can be easily obtained by making use of a gun rack. By following a few steps, you will be able you to construct one yourself so that it meets your exact specifications.

Step 1 – Draw Up Design

The basic design of a gun rack is a simple one as the main sections are the back panel and the side panels which support the guns. Think about the style of your home to determine whether your rack should be rustic or contemporary and the type of wood to use.

In addition, think about the number and types of gun that you have to help you figure out the dimensions required. Don’t forget to give each gun enough clearance to allow it to fit comfortably. For added convenience, consider fitting a shelf to the base of the rack and a shelf at the top to protect the guns from dust and debris.    

Step 2 – Cut Wood

While bearing in mind that the gun rack doesn’t have to be as long as the guns, use a saw to cut a piece of wood that will make up the back panel of the rack. It should need to be longer than 24 inches. Finish up the cut edges by smoothing them with sandpaper. The side panels must be of the same length, one inch thick and six inches wide. Draw the design for the side panels onto the wood with a pencil, making sure any rough edges are at the back so they are hidden when attached to the back.

Ideally, the struts in the side panels that support the gun should be contoured to retain the gun. However, if you prefer straight lines, ensure the grooves are slanted upward to stop the gun from falling off. Use a saw to cut the wood after you have completed the design and place this against the second piece to trace around it. This process will guarantee that both sides will be the same. Use the same process to cut two lengths of wood for the top and bottom shelves.

Step 3 – Dry Fit

After all the sections of the gun rack have been cut, ensure that it all fits together correctly by laying the back out on a large flat surface and positioning the side panels and shelves in their intended place. The side panels should be placed at either side of the back panel.

Step 4 – Assemble

Begin by applying some wood glue to the edge of the back panel of the gun rack, press the side panel to it and hold it in place until the glue dries. Secure the panel by inserting screws along the length of the edge. Do the same with the other side. The shelves can then be fitted at the top and bottom of the rack. Insert screws into the rear to secure them. The rack can be varnished or painted as you wish.