Build a Window Seat that Pulls out into a Guest Bed

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What You'll Need
Single-layer mattress with folding seams
Unfinished pillow forms
Eye protection (goggles or glasses)

What is a better way to save space and provide function than in converting your window seat to a full-size pullout bed? If you are tired of letting your overnight guests sleep on a couch, or if you are limited to the amount of room you have and do not have enough sleeping space, try to find a box window, a bay window, or any large window and create a window seat setting that will also act as a pullout bed when needed. Here is a fun how-to project for a rainy weekend.

Step 1 - Plan

Carefully plan your window seat design and construction. Measure the space underneath the window. Using your pencil and paper, write the dimensions down. Take the following measurements: length of the seat, width of the seat, and height of the window seat. At a local home improvement center, purchase all the necessary materials. Visit your local craft or fabric store to pick up your favorite pillow fabric, seat fabric, and pillow forms. At a home store purchase a flat mattress to fit the size you are looking to create.

Step 2 - Layout the Plywood

Carefully layout the plywood on the floor or on a workbench. Using your pencil or marker, trace the layout for your window seat. Cut the sides of your window seat first. Then proceed to cut the bottom/floor section of your window seat. Using wood glue, glue the three sections together. If your window seat does not have a bottom section, tack the sides to your wall underneath the window. Leave a small gap to insert the back of the window seat. Cut the back section. Cut your seat section next. Cut two to three additional pieces of plywood equal in size to the first seat section.

Step 3 - Create the Bed Platform

Take hinges and hinge the main seat section to the other identical sections you have already cut. Layout the hinged sections together. This base surface will provide the box spring effect for your pull out bed. Make sure you use folding hinges or gliding hinges in your application. Fold your sections together. Attach the bottom section to the back and sizes of your window seat. You will now have a seat platform, either two or three layers high. Unfold the window seat bed platform.

Step 4 - Attach the Back

To the top of the window seat, attach the backrest. Use wood glue and screws.

Step 5 - Open the Bed

Open the bed section. The back of the window seat becomes the platform, resting on the floor. The three folded sections become the layout for the bed frame. Add your mattress and fold up the bed. The mattress will become the cushion for the window seat

Step 6 - Add Pillows

Using the fabric and your pillow forms, create and add pillows to your window seat.