Build A Wood Shed In Your Backyard Build A Wood Shed In Your Backyard

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
6x8 Planks
2x8 Planks
2x4 Planks
Penny Nails
Power Drill
Door Hinges
Door Latch
Tar Paper

Building a wood shed is definitely within your capabilities if you have average carpentry skills. With a few good instructions you can build a shed that is attractive, functional, and durable in 8 easy steps.

Step 1. Choose And Prepare Your Site

To begin, choose a plot of land that is level and has good soil drainage, then clear it of rocks, trees, and bushes.

Step 2.  Stake Out Your Shed's Outline

Decide the dimensions of your wood shed, measure the desired length and width on the ground you've chosen, and pound the stakes into the ground at the corners. Finally, attach string to the stakes, all the way around..

Step 3.  Lay The Foundation

Lay 6 x 8 planks inside the stakes, remove the stakes, and nail the planks together at the corners, with the planks standing on edge.

Step 4. Make The Floor Frame

Lay 4 of your 2 x 8's on top of the 6 x 8's., nail them at the corners, attach the top frame to the bottom frame all the way around, using 16-penny nails. Use the remaining 2 X 8's to complete the inside of the top frame., spacing them about eight inches apart.

Step 5. Lay The Floor
Measure, cut, and nail plywood across the top of the frame.

Step 6. Add Wall Frames
For the back wall, measure and cut (2) 2 X 4's the length of the wood shed. Then, measure and cut four more for the ends, the length to be determined by the height of your shed. Nail two of the end pieces together, and repeat with the other two end pieces. Then, nail all four pieces of wood together to make the wall frame. Use additional 2 X 4's to fill in the frame, spaced about eight inches apart. Repeat this process to build the front and side walls. When finished, stand the walls up and nail them to the foundation.

Step 7. Make A Doorway
Measure and mark where the doorway will be. Each side of the doorway frame will be made out of (2) 2 X 4's nailed together. Measure and cut a 4 X 6 for the door header. Finally, measure and cut 2 X 4's to fill in the wall frame, and nail in the three pieces for the door frame. Measure the door opening, then cut enough 2 X 4's to make up the width of the opening.

Cut (3) 2 X 4's the width of the door, and nail one across the top of the door, one across the middle, and one across the bottom. This will be the inside of the door. Install hinges and a latch on the door, then it will be ready to hang.

Step 8. Build The Roof
Cut a 2 X 6 board the length of your shed. Nail this piece on the top of the front wall. Now, measure and cut (3) 2 X 4's for the sides and the back, and nail these pieces on. Use additional 2 X 4's to fill in the roof frame, spacing them eight inches apart. Complete the roof by laying and fastening sheets of plywood and covering it with tar paper and shingles, and the roof is complete.

Now you are ready to paint or stain your shed.

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