Build An Office Cupboard To Organize Your Home Office

A new office cupboard can help turn the busiest, messiest room in your home into the most organized.


Begin by listing the features that are important to you in your office. Do you want to include a filing drawer to store your papers? Do you prefer to file papers vertically or horizontally? Wil the doors of your cupboard have space to open to the right, the left or both? Should your cupboard even have doors at all? What will you store on the shelves? How many shelves do you need? Think about what would make your office most convenient for you. Don't forget to consider how the other pieces of furniture or the lighting will affect and be affected by your cupboard.


Armed with your list of desired features, visit a home repair warehouse. You may be able to find a prefabricated office cupboard that meets your needs. A prefabricated cupboard will probably require some assembly, but the amount needed will be minimal compared to building a cupboard from scratch. Also, for an extra fee, the employees of the store will often assemble the cupboard for you, or you can ask a friend or neighbor to help with assembly.


If you want a high quality desk that matches the appearance of your home, prefabrication may not be for you. If the room already has a design scheme, or if you'd like to continue the design scheme of another part of the house, you can continue the design in your office cupboard. Carefully examine the existing furniture in your office. Ask yourself what you most like about that furniture. Is it the grain of the wood? Is it the angular lines? Is it the bold colors? Use that information to design your new office cupboard.


As you are designing your office cupboard, consider how the cupboard will stress your bones and muscles. This may not seem as important as the look of the cupboard, but over the long term, you will be thankful for an ergonomically-friendly cupboard. If the cupboard will store items that are used rarely, then ergonomics is less important, but if you will be reaching into it every day, you need to pay attention to your body as you design. Create a cupboard that you can reach into while turning your body and neck as little as possible, and while reaching up or down as little as possible. Also consider which direction you will have to reach with your dominant hand. If possible, avoid forcing your arm to cross your body.